Size Matters – plus-size consumers are looking for improved choice in plus-size clothing

Size Matters – plus-size consumers are looking for improved choice in plus-size clothing

It’s 2016 and the UK market for plus-size clothing has never been bigger, with massive growth in the plus-size womenswear market over the past five years. With big brand designers this week highlighting demand by announcing plans to launch plus-size clothing, new research from Mintel reveals that almost a quarter of women in the UK, equivalent to 6.2 million people, are plus-size and wear clothes in sizes 18 and over.

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BBC Radio Oxford – Phil Gayle Speaks to Plus Size Model Sabine Gruchet

Phil Gayle BBC Radio Oxford talks plus size models Sabine Gruchet

BBC Radio Oxford – Phil Gayle Speaks to Plus Size Model Sabine Gruchet

This morning the 31st July, I was asked to speak on BBC Radio Oxford Breakfast show with host Phil Gayle about the Plus Size market and being a Plus Size Model.

On the show Phil Gayle asked his audience;

“What difference does it make to you if the models you see wearing the clothes are older or bigger, would it influence the clothes you buy?”

You can listen to the interview using the player below.

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Nivea Dare to dip campaign

Nivea dares women to dip into summer in a multi-channel #daretodip campaign

As a plus-size model I was part of Nivea UK’s Dare To Dip campaign.

This summer, Nivea challenges all women to join together and take part in a series of amazing bikini bare-alls throughout the summer with their new “dare-to-dip” campaign.

The campaign created and stewarded by Beiersdorf’s global lead agency Draftfcb focuses on building awareness of the dare-to-dip movement in the UK, The Netherlands and the Nordics, supported by a unique multi-agency partnership.

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The Real Women Clothing Show

The Real Women Clothing Show – Retail paradise for ladies with curves!


‘The Real Women Clothing Show’ will be the UK’s biggest clothing exhibition for plus-size women.


LATEST: A new consumer retail clothing show aiming for a more realistic interpretation of women’s clothing is coming to Excel London next year.

From the Friday 11th – Sunday 13th April 2014 the award-wining ExCeL International Exhibition and Conference Centre will play host to one of the most exciting and eagerly anticipated consumer exhibition launches of the year. ‘The Real Women Clothing Show’ will be the UK’s first and only event dedicated to meeting the clothing needs and desires of more than 12,000 plus size women.

A fun filled weekend and shopping bonanza covering everything a woman could desire from clothing, footwear, accessories, beauty and leisure, it can only be described as a retail paradise for ladies with curves and an un-missable event for any company wishing to promote themselves to the UK’s plus size woman.

For more information about the The Real Women Clothing Show visit:





Big in LA

Boots and Stilettos Fashion Show
I was lucky enough to be part of this show after a Californian online beauty/photography women’s mag did a story on me on my career. Next minute I was asked to open the show in aid of the Wounded Warriors ( American Soldiers)

Hosted by Rosie Mercado famous American Plus-Size model with her own Tv show Curvy girls..
we raised money for such an amazing coarse, models flew in from across the US,
And the majority of models where wives of the soldiers on deportment, beautiful stunning girls inside and out..

I flew from London to LA airport spending 5 days in Hollywood and 6 days in Joshua Tree, Palms Springs, followed by a photo-shoot in Pioneer Town, a town purpose built for over 180 famous American Western Films.. The shoot was for Glamourazzi and Corset Fits, it was an amazing setting – horse, saloon bar, general store, wagon wheels, tumble weed, porch and gun powder barrels you name it, if it was Western it was there! I loved every bit of my stay in the US, and feel blessed to have worked with such beautiful down to earth people..:)








Plus-size Model Sabine Gruchet Shopping Channel Showreel

Plus-size Model Sabine Gruchet Shopping Channel Showreel

Plus-size Model Sabine  Gruchet has worked for most of the UK’s shopping channels. Sabine is now a regular on Sit-Up TV’s Shopping channels Bid TV & Price Drop TV and Speed Auctions.


As a Plus-size Model Sabine has worked for the following Shopping Channels in the UK:

Sit-Up TV


Ideal World

Ideal World is a shopping channel in the UK whose sister shopping channels include Create and CraftIdeal Extra and The Deal Channel. It is owned by Ideal Shopping Direct Plc

Freeview Channel 22 (Ideal World)
Channel 36 (Create and Craft)
Channel 39 (The Deal Channel)
Sky Channel 644 (Ideal World)
Channel 651 (Ideal Extra)
Channel 668 (The Deal Channel)
Channel 671 (Create and Craft)
Freesat Channel 810 (Ideal Extra)
Channel 811 (The Deal Channel)
Channel 812 (Ideal World)
Channel 813 (Create and Craft)
Virgin Media Channel 747 (Ideal World)
Smallworld Cable Channel 230 (Create and Craft)
Channel 231 (Ideal World)
Channel 232 (Ideal Extra)
WightFibre Channel 44 (Ideal Extra)
Channel 48 (Ideal World)
Channel 49 (The Deal Channel)
Channel 64 (Create & Craft)
Internet television
TVCatchup Watch live (UK only) (Ideal World)




Australian Times newspaper

Australian Times Newspaper article….

By Paul Bleakley on 22 October, 2012

Aussie plus-size model Sabine Gruchet makes her mark in London
Sabine Gruchet, based in London but originally from Sydney, is a leading plus-size model. She talks about how she set out as a ‘straight’ model but changed direction after putting on weight, and discusses what we mean by the term ‘plus size’.

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Dea London – Behind the scenes

A little “behind the scenes” video of the Dea London SS13 shoot with plus-size model Sabine Gruchet at Dea London studios, in London UK.

Label: Dea London –
Collection: SS13

Jada Sezer

Creative team:
Photography and Video Gaetano-Timpanaro-Photography –
Stylist: Rouge Nior – Jelena Fehmi
Hair & Make-up: Izabela Jung –

100 Percent People

As a Plus-Size Model I come across many websites, blogs and online communities relating to plus-sizes fashion and body empowerment. Platforms where Plus Size individuals can meet like minded people, form friendships and generally get help and support which is often hard to come by if you are suffering weight, eating disorders, self esteem, body image, confidence and other issues.

Picture this…

15 years ago Kathryn was tall and slim but in her mind she thought she was fat – when she looks back at pictures of herself she realizes how silly she was. (5’8” tall and weighing 10.2 stone!) The reason for this was caused by viewing scantily clad skinny women on TV and in the media. When she was talking to a colleague one day and stated how fat she felt he said she wasn’t, she was “100% Woman”.

This is the story of Kathryn Whatton – 100% People, Managing Director who goes on to explain….

During that period communal changing rooms were introduced across the land which was a horror for myself, if you thought you had any amount of flesh the effect it had was so negative.

This resulted in her new fashion business, 100% Woman, with huge changing rooms and the facility to shut your self away with hubby, kids even the dog if you wanted to with tea and coffee (Wine at Xmas). For Kathryn business boomed but, due to family issues it caused her to, unfortunately, close the business down.

Over 8 years later, and with modern technology i.e. in the internet, was born. Kathryn states: “Being a little larger in one or more area doesn’t just affect women, it affect men and children alike.

The site was created to cater for the needs of real individuals. If you are one of the over 50% (around 32 million) in the UK or over 60% in the USA who are larger than average in one or more areas, then this site was created for you.

We are not trying to say that it is alright to be unhealthy, unfit or out of shape. We do however want to help and support people and provide a platform where you can meet like minded individuals, form friendships and get information and advice.

Society does not always cater for the needs of those who are classed outside the ‘norm’- whatever that is! For example you don’t have to be just a large frame but if you are seven feet tall you might have a rough ride when travelling with limited legroom and if you have large feet it can be hard to find shoes to fit. For all of these people and more, we provide support, advice and information, which is why we are called 100% People!

If you pick up most mainstream fashion magazines in any newsagents and flick through the pages, you will see reams of scantily clad skinny models. However at long last the media have now started featuring larger individuals, although we do feel there is still a long way to go to get the balance right.

Many eating disorders are often caused by body perception which in turn has been caused due to imagery portrayed in magazines and on the catwalk.

Over the last 7 years the site has progressed and we have just relaunched and we intend that 100% People will become the one stop shop by providing information to help everyone feel great about themselves, no matter what shape or size they are.

  • We have introduced a brand new 100% People community where like minded individuals can discuss issues, find support and advice.
  • 100% People has the largest directory in the world for plus size clothing together with a range of other areas we think will be of interest.
  • Fashion, Health & Beauty
  • News & Reviews
  • ‘We like’ section on Plus Size Blogs
  • Our ‘Men Only’ section – because often the men get forgotten.
  • Plus Size Stories from around the world – for you to tell us your issues – hopefully to share with others to get different perceptions from across the globe .

Don’t forget, if you find something they haven’t got tell them and they will try to include it.

It seems that even though the whole world is becoming more and more aware of the ever changing shapes and sizes in society across the globe, unfortunately there is still very little being done to combat it; that is where 100% People come in. So log on, chat, shop and discover. It’s all here at 100% People and it’s free to join, so what are you waiting for?!

I asked Kathryn, what is different about 100% People? – We have advertising on the site that will ensure the costs are covered in order to bring the user such a comprehensive site but 50% of any profits made will go directly to the British Heart Foundation to ensure that we make a difference to not only our target audience but to the lives of many other individuals.

So with 50 % of the profits going to the British heart foundation why not join the community today?

Sabine xxx

Plus-Size Model – Sabine Gruchet

Too many clothes???

There’s no such thing as too many clothes!!

As you may have guessed love being in front of the camera and I have to say I get a buzz out of working on shoots when I am rushed off my feet and every shot taken by the photographer has to deliver first time and every time. This is the case when I model for the lovely people at Everything5pounds. OMG there’s many clothes to model in one session. products range from Dresses, Tops to Boots and Bags and the amazing thing is everything is available for only £5!

At only £5 it’s easy to see why they have over 66,000 Facebook fans and why Tens of Thousands of people have already joined on of the best bargain clothing website around. So why don’t you?  The stock is ever-changing and they add new fantastic products to the website everyday. But you have to be quick, with so many excisting customers the stock goes fast!

By following Everything5punds on Facebook you will be one of the first to receive updates and notifications on when the the new stock will be going live.

Happy shopping!!



Sabine Gruchet – Plus Size Model UK